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Recent Races

Race Title Rerun # Time Place
BS School dnf  
sulä sprint dnf  
Kofola sprint2 32:19126 / 147  
short random 35:0254 / 68  
Middle Chelsea Sprint dnf  
sprint dnf  
[Ocad] Sprint! 12:33113 / 156  
#7 dnf  
sprinttour [once more] dnf  
[OCAD] Sprint-> City and Forest dnf  
 230:55145 / 193  
[OCAD] Rock Arena sprint dnf  
little and eaysy race---sprint 20:18113 / 147  
Cambridgeton Middle dnf  
Desert Island Sprint 21:51117 / 131  
sprint dnf  
Totally race fun! dnf  
[OCAD] JWOC 01 new course dnf  
Marsh Open Sprint dnf  
Tiny OCAD sprint dnf  
Maspalomas Sprint 15:46169 / 206  
White Sprint2dnf  
Route choice test - OCAD dnf  
Supersprint 34:1363 / 98  
One route dnf  
Ocad Sprint! dnf  
sprint... dnf  
2.1km orienteering dnf  
Sprint 1.9km dnf  
Middle-distance dnf  
Superseasprint dnf  
Middle-Distance dnf  
Little Mattapanburgtown Woods 7:56169 / 184  
Hill Sprint map / short dnf  
Smog2: Rain On Lens dnf  
Smog1: The Doctor Came at Dawn dnf  
Smog0: Knock Knock 25:23124 / 150  
North Granish Sprint dnf  
Hill Sprint Intro dnf  
Mega sprint !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dnf  
 20:33232 / 332  

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