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Dammsjön 1,3 km

Open:07:00 Mar 27 2007
Close:07:00 Mar 28 2007
Created by:hamilton
Description:Same map as last time. OBS!!! Controll six is in the northeast slope, not on the top (wrong on map). Testrun 13,02. Winner time: 12 min.
Avg Rating:4.5 / 5.0 (4 votes)


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1. Hingara Sweden Linköpings OK 13:03  
Missed that first control last time too.
2. frOls Norway OK Moss 13:32  
3. mkietis Latvia Ozons 13:41  
4. Rico Denmark St. Binderup OK 13:47  
Strange around 8th control.
5. Tinski Finland Vehkalahden Veikot 14:02  
6. Kristo Estonia 14:19  
7. L@uri Estonia OK Võru 14:42  *****
8. Vojcek Czech Republic SSU 16:50  
9. Blackburn Finland TP 17:28  
10. Yuriy Ukraine Odessa 18:27  *****
11. Silly Billy Andorra Mystery Creek 18:42  *****
Agree, location of pit at 6th control needs to be fixed. Luckily I remembered this form last time.
12. Dan "Bandanos" Russian Federation Neitron 19:35  
13. Nuno Ferreira Portugal CPOC 21:15  
14. Eugenio Carvalho Portugal .COM 21:45  
15. Örnen Sweden TOK 22:40  
16. Dmitry Nikitin Russian Federation 24:24  *****
I like this terrain. 4 star because 6th control.
17. Akva Ukraine Odessa 28:00  
18. Kvicken Sweden Forsa Ok 28:13  
19. Pivee Sweden OK Orion 42:50  
20. Hulto Sweden Tullinge SK 45:03  
21. Cesario Ferreira Portugal ADC 46:14  
22. carvo37 Switzerland OLG Säuliamt 47:23  
t0m rYAN Poland OK Computer dnf  
more keyboard trouble
tomasek Czech Republic TJH dnf  
Jonas_91 Sweden Tullinge SK dnf  
Serg Doronin Russian Federation SneGoVik o-team dnf  
Lauri Heikka Finland SK Teurastajat dnf  
lol- I didnt check the controldescription and was going to a dell.
not in game anymore Virgin Islands ... dnf  
Irene Switzerland OLG Säuliamt dnf  
andronkuls Latvia Ziemelkurzeme dnf  
sark Yemen Hadschi dnf  
P.F.Nogueira Portugal ADFA dnf  
Adriaan Pelckmans Belgium Trol dnf  
Freddy Henkes Belgium ARDOC dnf  
Jimmey Norfolk Island Foo Fighters dnf  
Erik Bommarn Sweden Gävle OK dnf  
Joao P Carvalho Portugal .COM dnf  
frigolit China Kristinehamns OK dnf