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[Random] Williams

Open:16:00 Sep 01 2006
Close:16:00 Sep 08 2006
Created by:TC
Description:Hard!!! top3:tobi,pevi,Chs! my outsiders: 8,Limited,Leizer and Tynne!
Avg Rating:4.9 / 5.0 (7 votes)


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1. SchIve Norway Halden SK 84:27  *****
1' mistake at 9th and a couple of minutes lost in some bad routes..but did really good on the looooooong legs in the end =) LOVE THIS STUFF - even if it's a little to slow..but my computer - who can't handle the green areas in these maps - will have to take some of the blame for that.. 7,7*
2. Pevi Finland Rasti-Nokia 86:12  *****
Difficult. Just couldn't handle it in the beginning. Lost 3' to 5th. Got much better after that. Nice course!
3. casper Denmark FIF Hillerød 89:38  *****
very nice!!! very nice!!!
4. Gio Switzerland Gold Savosa 92:03  *****
not many mistake (1' to 12) but lots of bad route, and i'm to slow in green areas =(
5. Tobi Austria OK Tyr 93:55  *****
extremly bad race
6. Konring Denmark FIF Hillerød 97:44  
7. Pale Finland Vehkalahden Veikot 102:00  
8. Marcus Sweden Malungs OK Skogsmårdarna 102:29  
9. Leizer Sweden Tolered-Utby OL 106:23  *****
Hehe me and Tynne in the top of this map, that real outsiders! Maybe if I had 15 misses less... ;o) A little too steep and wierd map for me, but the control points where very nice (and difficult to find...)! =)
10. sundlof Sweden Gävle OK 119:07  
11. VoiToi Czech Republic ToiToi Team 125:17  
12. Matsubitsu Finland Vehkalahden Veikot 133:45  
13. PHJ65 Finland SuSe 191:27  
apnurmee Finland Kalevan Rasti dnf  
Nysse Sweden OK Tyr dnf  
severin Switzerland OLG Herzogenbuchsee dnf  
8 Norfolk Island GMOK dnf  
well, dinner was ready..:D
LinusBohman Sweden Malungs OK dnf  *****
I just cant handle random maps at the moment...
Tero Rist Antarctica OLV Baselland dnf  
Vexi Finland Rajamäen Rykmentti dnf  
ms Norway HMKG dnf  
Calle Stenberg Sao Tome & Principe OK Skogshjortarna dnf  
Yuriy Ukraine Odessa dnf  
Hingara Sweden Linköpings OK dnf  
Lakedaimon Finland Vehkalahden Veikot dnf  
mike denver Costa Rica dnf  
Morten Andersen Denmark Odense OK dnf  
moho Germany ESV-DD dnf  
JJ Sancosmed Spain FEGADO dnf  
Tynne Sweden dnf  
hahaha... needed warm up!
Timo Sild Estonia OK Võru dnf  
DRO Switzerland ZesOLNak dnf  
Ole Amos Denmark Odense OK dnf  
Prygh Sweden Mariestads FK dnf