Catching Features


Q: Does Catching Features work on a Mac?
A: No, sorry. CF only works on Windows, and can't run in OSX. If you can run virtual Windows through Parallels or Bootcamp on your Mac, then it will work fine.

Q: Catching Features crashes. Whats wrong?
A: Make sure you have the latest drivers for your video card. If that still doesn't help, look in the Catching Features directory for the log file "initlog.txt". Many problems will be described in there. If you don't see anything, zip the initlog file and email it to me with a description of the problem, I'll take a look.

Q: Catching Features runs at a slow framerate! How can I make it faster?
A: Performance depends very much on your video card, so I can't give too specific recommendations. The best thing to do is to lower the video options settings. In the game, go to the options menu, and select "Visuals". Here is what to try:

  • Lower the resolution.
  • Set Textures to Medium (faster) or Low (fastest).
  • Lower the render distance.
  • Turn off reflections, shadows, and animals.

Q: Can I take screenshots in Catching Features?
A: Yes! Press the "Print Screen" key while in the game. It will write a bmp file into the main directory where you installed CF. By default this is: "C:\Program Files\CatchingFeatures"

Q: Can I take movies in Catching Features?
A: Yes! Like many of the partly-hidden features of CF, CF does some things for you, but you still need to do the rest of the work on your own. Follow these instructions to capture movies (yes, all the steps all required):

  1. Make sure your windows desktop is in 32 bit color mode.
  2. Put CF into a 32 bit color windowed mode. Do this by going to the options menu, unselecting the "fullscreen" checkbox, and then making sure that the "resolution" option ends in "... x 32". The movie will record in whatever resolution CF is in, so you might want to lower it to 640x480 or else it will be very big.
  3. Start the game, press F6 to bring up the movie menu.
  4. Press F7 to start and stop recording. You can do this multiple times and it will make multiple files.
  5. After you've taken the movies, the files will be very big. You need to compress them. Windows Media Encoder works quite well to make small wmvs. If you select "convert a file", then the filename, then select "archive mode" it will just compress the movie without changing resolution (which is what you want).


Q: I've lost my registration code / download link? Do I need to buy another license?
A: No. Just send me an email with your name and address from the order, I can look up your registration info and send it to you.


Q: If I upload a competition, can I run it? Will I be ranked?
A: Yes, you can run competitions that you upload. It will not count towards the ranking for that race.


See the FAQ on the CFEdit page.


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