Catching Features


OcadConvert is a tool included with CFEdit that allows you to convert Ocad maps into playable 3D Catching Features maps!

OcadConvert is able to take an existing Ocad map and convert it into a CF map automatically! You can be adding courses and running your event within minutes!

The strength of OcadConvert, however, is its ability to be customized towards your own terrain. You can define configuration files that contain your custom interpretation of all the Ocad symbol types. For example, this allows you to specify exactly which trees are used for "light green" areas of the map, how fast the runner can go through them, the color and shading of the ground, even how much grass and sticks are nearby!



Q: Help! Where do I start?
A: Jari W has written an excellent tutorial on using OcadConvert. Everyone should read it at least twice!