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Norway Espen Rognsvÿg

Club:Fana IL
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Races Run:39
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Recent Races

Race Title Rerun # Time Place
sprint tour [21] dnf  
OCAD - Fiskdammen Middle 1 dnf  
MiddleCL dnf  
2.1km orienteering dnf  
Superseasprint dnf  
waterlands 2 dnf  
Sprint dnf  
Edinawick Sprint dnf  
Long Sprint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dnf  
Park-O dnf  
Smog1: The Doctor Came at Dawn dnf  
North Granish Sprint dnf  
Short Middle dnf  
The Spirit of the Sprint dnf  
Extreme Green (Green day) dnf  
Super Middle Orienteering dnf  
Mega sprint !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dnf  
short sprint dnf  
Funny? I don't think so! dnf  
OCAD: Pine Forest (Short) dnf  
Highland Sprint Day 2 dnf  
Highland sprint Day 1 dnf  
Desert sand dnf  
Ashlandford Sprint dnf  
Ocad - golden sprint (1) dnf  
Winter-sprint dnf  
D(e)P Grand-Prix Night dnf  
parko Kristiansand dnf  
Snowyville dnf  
D(e)P Grand-Prix Punching Sprint dnf  
sprint tour [bonus] dnf  
Park O Sprint dnf  

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