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Falkland Islands sindre rh

Country:Falkland Islands
Club:Tynset IF
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Races Run:22
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Recent Races

Race Title Rerun # Time Place
Sprint 1 dnf  
Dizzy Run dnf  
Mega sprint2dnf  
OL in orientering in London 6:3860 / 153  
happy new year2dnf  
ungdomsstaffetten til skien ok dnf  
 226:4442 / 138  
East Oak Pond Day One - LONG dnf  
Gåsefjell dnf  
[ocad] Forest midle dnf  
[ocad] Forest sprint 19:4669 / 206  
fast and open sprint 8:0323 / 136  
Kaakkurilammiv dnf  
Park-OL dnf  
One long and difficult leg! dnf  
Dumbomsslitet 5:2948 / 217  
Sparresäter sprint dnf  
intro day 1 5:04100 / 121  
(OCAD) WOC 2001 C Short 31:1041 / 143  
Extreme Woman Made by BS dnf  
BS Sprint 28c *new edition dnf  

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