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Recent Races

Race Title Rerun # Time Place
KO SPRINT (TYPE: middle) dnf  
[SpringCup] E22 - Night dnf  
°Folsomia dnf  
Rnd_temp 1.4k dnf  
justforfuncomp :) dnf  
Fabio Aurelio dnf  
Correncon Tour, Stage 4 dnf  
Alstad - Bodø dnf  
Lago Santo - E1 dnf  
[ocd] Homysud 2 dnf  
afa dnf  
 215:35103 / 147  
tttt dnf  
for fun. 15:5897 / 140  
 213:5380 / 170  
mountainous run dnf  
Hopbyn 2 dnf  
 236:29126 / 169  
Swaziland dnf  
Reykjavik dnf  
Grønholtvang (DEN) dnf  
 233:31129 / 176  
nice 38:3980 / 99  
(ITA-TOUR) Stage 8 Mt. Amiata dnf  
(ITA-TOUR) Stage 7 Arcinazzo dnf  
Gyraulus dnf  
Gyrobifastidium dnf  
klurig sprint dnf  
Klurig middle dnf  
A lovely middle dnf  
Kahils rocks tour 4 joo dnf  
Southern Graftonberg Park dnf  
Old Dogtown-West dnf  
Mt. High 14:30117 / 138  
Sumas Mountain Middle dnf  
[] Sprint dnf  
JOK-stugan middle-long dnf  
JOK-stugan middle dnf  
RobRoy Middle dnf  
JOK-stgan sprint dnf  
Even more Kooyora dnf  
Night Sprintrace dnf  
Furuboda Long dnf  
Furuboda Sprint dnf  
Furuboda Middle dnf  
[OCAD] Furuboda - Prologue dnf  
More Kooyora - Night dnf  
kikirace3 dnf  
kikirac2 dnf  
kikirace 1 dnf  
Dark cones of Dzerzhinsk dnf  
Minisprint 10:23187 / 235  
Pinnularia dnf  
Ophiocytium dnf  
Rhabdomonas dnf  
Aulacoseira dnf  
Euglena gracilis dnf  
EYOC - Sample 1 dnf  
Middle dnf  
The 20day day1 dnf  
sprint6 17:4689 / 107  
 213:2099 / 130  
 312:1887 / 130  
sprint4 dnf  
 214:0888 / 132  
sprint2 dnf  
Rocky I dnf  
[Random] SVM course dnf  
Binneberg 3 dnf  
Ystävallinen dnf  
RandomCreated ~ Sprint2dnf  
Western Arbourburg-Day 1 dnf  
Downhill-O dnf  
 359:21167 / 240  
[RANDOM]Sprint 1.6k dnf  
Tour de Elx - E2 Long dnf  
Training 11.03 Montiggl dnf  
Steep Random dnf  
[Random] Manchester dnf  
Routechoice Völs 28.02.10 dnf  
Fast Sprint dnf  
South Furlongwood dnf  
Milzkalns dnf  
Old Bostonham Purchase dnf  
Maki A dnf  
Sprint (random) dnf  
Middledistance (random) dnf  
[OCAD] Hastatella dnf  
[OCAD] Cladophora dnf  
[OCAD] Cosmarium dnf  
Kaleva Church Park O 2 40:27195 / 250  
[OCAD] Typhloplana dnf  
Stavsjø Sprint dnf  

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