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Finland Sillen Z

Club:Rajamen Rykkmenti
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Recent Races

Race Title Rerun # Time Place
Downhill sprint dnf  
no name dnf  
Orient Show dnf  
Liponeura dnf  
Random Short dnf  
A lovely Sprint dnf  
UpplandsOL!! Day1 Sprint dnf  
UpplandsOL 2-days Day1 Sprint dnf  
fast and green Sprint dnf  
Klurig Bonus 34:05107 / 140  
Klurig E2 Forest sprint dnf  
CoastRace -day2 Sprint dnf  
Ice short dnf  
Ice Sprint dnf  
(ITA-TOUR) Prolog SGONICO dnf  
(Ocad) ~ OlsenSchive #2 dnf  
[Ultima] Pavia Leste dnf  
serie longue tournois VSO220:1558 / 108  
sprint dnf  
[ocad]Homysud dnf  
2k Short dnf  
 227:50180 / 237  
FĂ„rup Skov sprint2dnf  
 333:22159 / 209  
1.7k Short dnf  
Easy with that egg Sprint dnf  
HAHAHA20:031 / 162  
1.6k Short2dnf  
[Minicup] Weekend One - Sprint2dnf  
Sprint, Nonshaugen - Norway2dnf  

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