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(OCAD)Metsäkylä Ski O

Open:08:00 Dec 22 2006
Close:08:00 Dec 29 2006
Map:/Metsäkylä Ski O/events/Metsäkylä Ski O/day1/Course0.course
Created by:HV
Description:New Ski O map. A lot of tracks.
Avg Rating:3.3 / 5.0 (4 votes)


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1. not in game anymore Virgin Islands ... 30:35  
ok race...1 min miss
2. Jimmy L Sweden Malungs OK Skogsmårdarna 31:33  *****
Ok race but like TC said the eqvidistance most be wrong. Lost some time couse of that...
3. sundlof Sweden Gävle OK 31:51  
bad race, 2:10 on 10th, some small ones too
4. TC Sweden Malungs OK Skogsmårdarna 32:00  
eqvidistance?! must be wrong on some places... very bad race.
5. Rico Denmark St. Binderup OK 32:01  
6. Jeremy G Belgium Antwerp Orienteers 32:10  
7. Tinski Finland Vehkalahden Veikot 32:18  
8. casper Denmark FIF Hillerød 32:53  
9. Nails United Kingdom SYO 33:15  
10. SchIve Norway Halden SK 33:25  
aaaaaaaaawful!! maan that was the worst race i've done since last time i did a COMPLETLY HORRIBLE race........
11. Calle Stenberg Sao Tome & Principe OK Skogshjortarna 33:31  *****
12. Matsubitsu Finland Vehkalahden Veikot 34:02  *****
Same problem! Jochen
13. davida Sweden Malungs OK Skogsmårdarna 34:45  
14. jover Belgium OMEGA 34:49  
TIP: check out the sunlight for the open areas, because I couldn't see a dahm road in the open areas, I wonder how all the other guys could see the roads??? Does it has to do something with the reflection option in CF?
15. Saku Finland Hiisirasti 34:53  
16. Théo France Annecy SO 35:19  
16. samppoo Finland SK Teurastajat 35:19  
18. green goblin Switzerland OLJG Holde 35:32  *****
i dunno if this was a bug or a factor of reality..but it sucks when the road just ends where it shouldn't end! had a horrible run :( control 1 sucks..can't give u much stars for this....EQUVI DISTANCE? SOMETIMES 10 METERS?
19. Pale Finland Vehkalahden Veikot 35:36  
20. Leizer Sweden Tolered-Utby OL 36:26  
21. Serg Doronin Russian Federation SneGoVik o-team 37:08  
22. gla Finland OJO 37:36  
23. hamilton Sweden OK Linné 38:05  
24. Vicko Czech Republic SSU 38:45  
25. Orienterik Norway NTNUI 39:39  
26. all Sweden VBOL 41:24  
27. bart v Belgium Omega 42:57  
28. olive France esat 43:01  
29. Nuno Pires Portugal Ori-Estarreja 43:20  
30. frOls Norway OK Moss 43:29  
31. Edik Czech Republic 45:33  
32. steefi Switzerland oljg holde 45:49  
33. Steffen Germany OC Schwaben 46:49  
34. PHJ65 Finland SuSe 49:38  
35. Frida Sweden Ronneby OK 52:36  
36. orientierungssinn. Finland SK Teurastajat 57:07  
37. Vexi Finland Rajamäen Rykmentti 82:43  
querem France orientalp dnf  
Øyvind Norway NTNUI dnf  
I've seen better maps by you
Tero Rist Antarctica OLV Baselland dnf  
PMH Denmark Malungs OK Skogsmårdarna dnf  
Jens Sweden Furåsens OK dnf  
Orjan Emanuelsson Sweden Tolered-Utby OL dnf  
Erik M Sweden Ok Nolaskogsarna dnf  
Vegard B Saga Norway Fart OK dnf  
mattsson Russian Federation Jÿrla IF OK dnf  
Alri Sweden OK Linné dnf  
mr Sweden OK Linné dnf  
tichym Czech Republic tjh dnf  
mkietis Latvia Ozons dnf  
alexander Germany DJK Adler 07 Bottrop dnf  
Mats Norway Halden SK dnf  
karkar Switzerland OLV Luzern dnf  
Yuriy Ukraine Odessa dnf  
mike denver Costa Rica dnf  
Vojcek Czech Republic SSU dnf  
Benjamin Hofmans Belgium ASUB dnf  
Marius Denmark SPRING CUP OK dnf  
Kaan Sweden IFK Enskede dnf  
Timo Sild Estonia OK Võru dnf  
Razz. Sweden OK Linné dnf  
OMH Sweden Malungs OK Skogsmårdarna dnf  
Fredde_III Sweden Täby OK dnf  
AKO Denmark FIF Hillerød dnf  
TottaNN Sweden tgok dnf