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[OCAD] Chateau de Montlosier

Open:07:00 May 12 2007
Close:07:00 May 27 2007
Map:/Chateau de Montlosier Contours/events/Chateau de Montlosier contours/day1/Course0.course
Created by:Øyvind
Description:This is a brown map. All details are in the terrain, but only contours, knolls and depressions are on the map. I hope that will cause problems for you! ;) testrun: all controls worked... ;) winnertime: 35-40min.
Avg Rating:4.1 / 5.0 (16 votes)


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1. Rico Denmark St. Binderup OK 36:08  *****
2. Hingara Sweden Linköpings OK 36:14  
a min mistake on 12:th, looking for the hole. The rest was ok. Very nice.
3. green goblin Switzerland OLJG Holde 37:10  *****
missed 2nd control but then ok race..very safe and no risks..and just smaller misses!
4. rutten Norway Tyrving IL 38:05  
5. Matsubitsu Finland Vehkalahden Veikot 38:53  *****
one night race please!:) very nice!
6. Fincher United Kingdom Stora Tuna OK 39:01  *****
decent race. Was safing alot in the start, and after 6-7 controls i got some flow and started speeding up a bit. Missed to 9th. 2-3 mins. maybe 5min in total, but if anyone goes through this without missing, i'll be impressed.
7. OJ United Kingdom SYO 39:46  
8. Tero Rist Antarctica OLV Baselland 41:40  
9. Lauri Heikka Finland SK Teurastajat 42:25  *****
Huuuge miss on the long leg. Otherwise ok. Really fun and really tough! Northlines would have been crucial for me.
10. Eirik Norway Nydalens SK 43:09  
11. Vicko Czech Republic SSU 44:37  
12. airlinefox Switzerland OLV Baselland 45:16  
very slow running and several misses.
13. Nails United Kingdom SYO 47:10  
14. Serg Doronin Russian Federation SneGoVik o-team 48:24  *****
15. TC Sweden Malungs OK Skogsmårdarna 48:31  
16. t0m rYAN Poland OK Computer 49:13  
17. Tynne Sweden 49:41  *****
duuuuude. too bad you forgot northlines.. it could have been a real pleasure!
18. ms Norway HMKG 51:36  
19. Mook Chile Orienteer Kansas 55:24  
20. Aakoo Finland 55:38  
21. David Saianda Portugal Gafanhori 59:02  
so bad race! lost 10 min to 16th cntrl! excelent map
22. Martin Posselt Czech Republic Tatran Jablonec 59:44  
23. sundlof Sweden Gävle OK 61:43  
omg, almost 30 min missed, so hard without northenlines
24. Evgenij Krasnoyarov Russian Federation Russian Federation 63:45  
25. Dmitry Nikitin Russian Federation 65:55  *****
Very dificult for me. But nice idea.
26. Eddie Harwood Scotland Moravian 68:27  *****
That was fabulous, although no northlines mean taht I won't give 5*
27. TScharp Sweden OIS 84:18  *****
28. Ben Sand France viking 84:40  
29. Julien_ France COTS 87:37  *****
Challenging.. But I was determined not to be dnf! Nice concept for a such detailled map.
30. AAS Weckström Finland SK Hukka 89:54  
31. Zdenal Czech Republic TBM 92:02  
32. sea anenome United Kingdom 100:33  
33. Tono Leon Spain ALCON 108:41  
34. PHJ65 Finland SuSe 121:09  
35. theflyingfinn Finland Åland 127:37  
36. Sklenicka Czech Republic SSU 139:00  
tschive Norway Bækkelagets SK dnf  *****
i know northlines are black ore blue but you should have them on even if the map is "brown-detail-only" !!! This one SUCKED! and the forest type also SUUUUUUUUUUCK
jenstorb Norway Fart OK dnf  
Kripaps Latvia Riga dnf  *****
No north lines...
Erik Alexander Austria OLC Wienerwald dnf  
Jonas Papua New Guinea Jÿrla if ok dnf  
Blackburn Finland TP dnf  
jover Belgium OMEGA dnf  *****
I was quite happy with my performance, until control 11. Then I never found 15, and I passed him by 5 meters or something... Nice concept for this map, but longer legs are very difficult. For 9, I just ran true the road till the talud and ran back in the forest then...
Andigo Sweden OK Nackhe dnf  
Miikaa Finland Koovee dnf  
steefi Switzerland oljg holde dnf  
Jamie New Zealand PAPO dnf  
nighto France COTS dnf  
Nuno Pires Portugal Ori-Estarreja dnf  
Luis M Santos Portugal CPOC dnf  
Alri Sweden OK Linné dnf  
casper Denmark FIF Hillerød dnf  
Bodil Sweden Alfta-ÿsa OK dnf  
sas Norway n/a dnf  *****
ahh didnt even find 4th controll :P I did this on my map "curves only" but this was much harder. a bit more open forest (better visibility) would have been good
Sebastian Ekman Sweden Västvärmlands OK dnf  
Petri Finland Ikaalisten Nouseva-Voima dnf  
Ally Israel Temp OK dnf  
Keios Estonia OK Põlva Kobras dnf  
L@uri Estonia OK Võru dnf  
What got me confused was the non-existing northlines... Pressed a wrong button on the long one and lost count on the leg because of that. On the way to the 15th I just wasn't concentrated enough.
aatamila France TAD dnf  
BABSY Israel Ramat Hasharon dnf  
offa Sweden Tuna dnf  
Pale Finland Vehkalahden Veikot dnf  
alexander Germany DJK Adler 07 Bottrop dnf  
Dicky Mooij Netherlands Argus dnf  
G-XTC Switzerland OLG Rymenzburg dnf  
Calle Stenberg Sao Tome & Principe OK Skogshjortarna dnf  
Hunedoara Belarus Vitebsk OC dnf  
Thomas van der Kleij Belgium hamok dnf  
Akva Ukraine Odessa dnf  
Steinar Beinhard Norway Østmarka OK dnf  
jeroen.van.der.kleij Belgium hamok dnf  
Benjamin Hofmans Belgium ASUB dnf  
Marcus Sweden Malungs OK Skogsmårdarna dnf  
Marius Ødum Denmark OK ØST dnf  
Magnus_84 Sweden OK Älvsjö Örby dnf  
VoiToi Czech Republic ToiToi Team dnf  
I went from 2 the leg to 4
Krille* Sweden Tolered-Utby OL dnf  
wolfi Austria WAT dnf  
O-Outan France Thai'O dnf  
Jonatan Estonia OK Võru dnf  
Timo Sild Estonia OK Võru dnf  
Razz. Sweden OK Linné dnf  
Tinski Finland Vehkalahden Veikot dnf  
not in game anymore Virgin Islands ... dnf  
Irene Switzerland OLG Säuliamt dnf  
olive France esat dnf  
hamilton Sweden OK Linné dnf  
What happend?
Fredde_III Sweden Täby OK dnf  
Joakim Carlsson Sweden Täby ok dnf  
AKO Denmark FIF Hillerød dnf  
Dan "Bandanos" Russian Federation Neitron dnf  
Matti Finland Rajamäen Rykmentti dnf  
the confused Austria OK Oachkatzlschwoaf dnf  
=) didnt concentrate on start
P.F.Nogueira Portugal ADFA dnf  
Kristo Estonia dnf  
Amanda Sweden Lunnervikens OK dnf  
Frode Norway Hakallestranda dnf  
dre Belgium trol dnf  
Eugenio Carvalho Portugal .COM dnf  
Örnen Sweden TOK dnf  
Joao P Carvalho Portugal .COM dnf  
Kvicken Sweden Forsa Ok dnf  
Pivee Sweden OK Orion dnf  
Krilleisback Sweden Pan-Kristianstad dnf  *****
nice, but too much bingo.
frigolit China Kristinehamns OK dnf  
Betak Czech Republic Kalevan Rasti dnf  
Yorkie Sweden Katrineholms OK dnf  
Tof France Annecy SO dnf  
O-TheC Estonia Harju KEK dnf  
Andersen Sweden OK Tisaren dnf  
Anton Dryankov Russian Federation Nizhegorodec dnf  
Rolex Finland Vehkalahden Veikot dnf  
PEDRO SUCH Brazil coc dnf  
Simon Markendahl Sweden OK Klyftamo dnf  
chiller Austria ASKÖ Henndorf dnf  
juju France csmr dnf  
Andersen2 Hong Kong IK Gandvik dnf  
Chrissi Germany TuS Lübbecke dnf  
FredStone United Kingdom Swampheads dnf  
Conz Ireland CorkO dnf  
Klasse Kock Sweden Hammarby IF dnf  
B-Ball United States NYY dnf  
keyboard suddenly stopped working so couldnt see map.....
Chris McCartney United Kingdom Octavian Droobers dnf  
PrescotSr United States SMOC dnf  
Fred SIAM France SIAMS dnf  
håkon lt Norway Tynset IF dnf