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Recent Races

Race Title Rerun # Time Place
Maria Trost, Short dnf  
Lockdown-O - Junior - Forest A dnf  
Lockdown-O British Open Middle C dnf  
Holdhusfjell - Middle dnf  
San Giovanni 4 dnf  
Picking shrubbery and cliffs dnf  
ojo arboles dnf  
[CFWC2020]Round10-Training dnf  
trial by fire dnf  
Sheffield Botanical Gardens dnf  
[CFWC2020]-E18 dnf  
Lockdown-O June Weekend Forest C2dnf  
Lockdown-O June Weekend Forest A dnf  
 280:04243 / 422  
Lockdown-O June Weekend - Park B2dnf  
Lockdown-O June Weekend - Park A2dnf  
Oldie but NOT goldie.  dnf  
10mila202x-training dnf  
[MV2020] GRAND SLAM2dnf  
Monte Xalo 43:46141 / 212  
CF COMA El Chorro Sur2dnf  
Lockdown-O - World O Day dnf  
CF COMA El Chorro Media dnf  
State Park dnf  
FEGADO Sprint [E1] dnf  
Tour de France Part 2 dnf  
FEGADO [Model Event] 28:33188 / 270  
[MARS] Victoria Crater dnf  
[MV2020] Gara1 dnf  
Trail-O Goente Ini_Beginner2dnf  
Fusine Extreme Controlpicking dnf  
High Chaparral forest - Middle dnf  
city sprint dnf  
[CFWC2020]-E1 dnf  
Oak Reservior Middle dnf  
[NJ2D The Game] Long - Green 15:43204 / 270  
[NJ2D The Game] Long - White 25:57152 / 194  
[NJ2D The Game] Long - Yellow 57:22137 / 169  
[NJ2D The Game] Long - Black 70:40113 / 178  
[NJ2D The Game] Middle - Green 16:13156 / 187  
[NJ2D The Game] Middle - White 19:52140 / 167  
[NJ2D The Game] Middle - Yellow dnf  
Pink Cacti 64:15175 / 279  
[CoronaBlues]-E11 dnf  
lokura212:06229 / 292  

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