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[WC-Training] Saskatchewan

Open:07:00 Jul 14 2009
Close:06:45 Jul 31 2009
Created by:Knubbe
Description:This course is about keeping focus. It's not that hard, instead it's long and night. So try to keep focus and you'll do well. Good Luck!
Avg Rating:4.8 / 5.0 (23 votes)


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1. sundlof Sweden Gävle OK 45:12  *****
2. OK (2) South Africa O 45:27  
3. Alri Sweden OK Linné 45:48  *****
good race, some smaller misstakes, but avoided the big ones. really about staying concentrated all the way, fun!
4. Rico Denmark St. Binderup OK 46:16  *****
5. MuHbl4 (2) Russian Federation OMC - Orienta Moscow Compass 46:44  
6. mr Sweden OK Linné 46:58  *****
one mistake
7. t0m rYAN Poland OK Computer 47:00  *****
really tough, lost my place completely on No.15 but managed to re locate on the move so lost no time luckily.
8. Jukkis Finland Hiidenkiertäjät 48:03  *****
9. the confused Austria OK Oachkatzlschwoaf 49:59  
10. Axwell Sweden O^2 51:18  *****
Perfect map for night orienteering! :)
11. Marcus Sweden Malungs OK Skogsmårdarna 51:28  *****
12. Captain Quark (2) New Zealand Red Kiwis 54:34  
Fun! I finished!
13. Temyakov Andrey Russian Federation Rostov-on-Don 55:00  
14. SV Finland VaHa 55:03  
15. *F@TsO* Russian Federation Rostov-on-Don 55:18  
16. Kristo Estonia 55:36  
17. Thorne Finland JRV 56:42  *****
Had problems with long legs, some mistakes. Thanks for perfect map!
18. Valverde Sweden OK Hällen 57:16  
19. lorrieq (2) Ireland UCDO Honeybadgers 57:27  *****
really fun! should have been able to do that on my first try! couple of small misses such as at 14 (didnt trust my bearing) and 26 where i was too short. those were because of losing focus so you were right! HA!
20. SlaR Sweden OK Computer 57:48  *****
Hard to stay focused, missed about 9 min
21. Fredde Sweden nxtg 58:41  *****
22. Koliasik Russian Federation peppers 60:15  
23. Jonatan Estonia OK Võru 61:13  
24. Jocke78 (2) Sweden 61:50  
25. MH Norway NTNUI 64:06  
26. Fredrik-malmfors Sweden Skogspojkarnas OK 64:38  
27. Krasimir (3) Bulgaria Trapezica 66:17  
28. LarZsa Sweden Hestra IF 68:04  
29. Mange Sweden FK Göingarna 69:31  
30. Andreas Hultqvist Sweden Tullinge SK 70:00  
31. Artem Timakov Russian Federation Rostov-on-Don 70:18  *****
32. jeschke Austria OLG Stroeck 73:44  
33. eickhoff Sweden GMOK 73:53  
34. janands (2) Norway Team Pez And Snapple 76:24  
35. MathiasS Norway Kolboten og Skimt o-lag 78:06  
36. Vicko Czech Republic SSU 79:47  
37. gvtoukc France TSN 80:10  
38. Bullen Sweden Suraarmaravtegel 80:21  *****
Focused, yeah right. Must try to run nights when its not so bright outside. Good challenge. Slightly over half an hour mistakes.
39. Artem Timakov (2) Russian Federation Rostov-on-Don 80:23  
40. LSV Ukraine O-club 80:48  
41. Torgny Sweden Ronneby OK 81:04  *****
42. Krasimir Bulgaria Trapezica 82:03  
43. Mange (2) Sweden FK Göingarna 82:23  
44. Krasimir (4) Bulgaria Trapezica 83:07  
45. tio Pepe Sweden Kalmar 86:36  *****
46. JH Finland MS Parma 89:07  *****
47. PHJ65 Finland SuSe 89:59  
48. Krasimir (2) Bulgaria Trapezica 91:45  
49. Sklenicka Czech Republic SSU 92:38  
50. rh355 (2) New Zealand Auckland OC 97:22  
51. LSV (2) Ukraine O-club 99:21  
52. Chrizzik (3) Austria OK Klosterneuburg 99:59  
53. engstrom Sweden OK Orion 100:58  
54. matthias bryner (2) Switzerland OLK Argus 105:13  
55. Skrutten (2) Sweden Ok vilse 110:46  
inte svårt? parallelfel hela tiden..
56. gvtoukc (2) France TSN 111:22  
57. Trying (2) Sweden 114:13  
58. Laurent DVD New Caledonia Convergence 117:08  
59. wejo Sweden Småland 134:31  *****
60. Randoom Australia AUstralia 155:58  
61. Charlie DeWeese (2) United States WCOC 175:39  *****
62. Grogdog (2) Canada EOOC 191:57  
63. speedy_g Germany OL-Team 210:21  
Razz. Sweden OK Linné dnf  
sparven Sweden IKHP dnf  
Ged Ireland 3ROC dnf  
honzau United States SDO dnf  
Captain Quark New Zealand Red Kiwis dnf  
mansen Sweden GMOK dnf  
jeb France VSO dnf  
Daniels Sweden Attunda OK dnf  
Karl D Sweden OL-Teamet dnf  
Kasper Westman Sweden VSOK dnf  
A.S.L. Lubina Germany TV Wattenscheid 01 dnf  
korv British Antarctic Territory Absolut OK dnf  
R Anderson Canada Ottawa OC dnf  
Linus Sweden dnf  
Sugvaldsen Norway Nydalens SK dnf  
Gordon Shumway Sweden Rehns BK dnf  
offa Sweden Tuna dnf  
David Saianda Portugal Gafanhori dnf  *****
matthias bryner Switzerland OLK Argus dnf  
janands Norway Team Pez And Snapple dnf  
LinusBohman Sweden Malungs OK dnf  
rh355 New Zealand Auckland OC dnf  
samus Croatia hoka hei dnf  
Jussi Parkkinen Finland SK-Teurastajat dnf  
ShvedA Estonia MS Parma dnf  
Trying Sweden dnf  
OBT France KLS dnf  
lorrieq Ireland UCDO Honeybadgers dnf  
BeN'O France COCS dnf  *****
I like your map,but too dark with my computer !!! Also get stuck out of the map!
Eirik Norway Nydalens SK dnf  
stevegregg United States BAOC dnf  
Kreiberg Denmark OK Roskilde dnf  
How do you get the contours so smooth ??? plz write in forum
Fippe94 Sweden Stora Tuna OK dnf  
AKO Denmark FIF Hillerød dnf  
Daniel Sweden OK Älgen dnf  
Moa Sweden SNO dnf  
Daynee Sweden Nyköpings OK dnf  
Charlie DeWeese United States WCOC dnf  
davida Sweden Malungs OK Skogsmårdarna dnf  
Post Estonia OK Põlva Kobras dnf  
T.Nishimura Japan Zombies dnf  *****
James Taylor United Kingdom NOC dnf  
ezrom Sweden LiTHe Vilse dnf  
Doogi111 France VASCO dnf  
Halvor Eid Nielsen Norway NTNUI dnf  
Svenxen Sweden OK Hällen dnf  
Helder Marcolino Portugal GD4C dnf  
balisoraptor France COLE dnf  
Marre92 Sweden OK Rodhen dnf  
yannsavoie France Course d'orientation dnf  
thiago Brazil Fuzileiros Navais dnf  
gildo Portugal COC dnf  
Sioberg Isle of Man Skåne dnf  *****
ddavi Mali Coc dnf  
shurik Ukraine OK Orion dnf  
Thynnmas Norway Team Pez And Snapple dnf  
Mille Sweden OK Roxen dnf  
sidfarias Brazil kaapora dnf  
anderfo Norway NTNUI dnf  
Akva Ukraine Odessa dnf  
Hyvve Sweden Skattkärrs IF dnf  
Kalered Sweden Skogspojkarnas OK dnf  
Knubbe (2) Sweden OK Computer dnf  
Forgot to mention the blue contour - it's wrong converted. But it doesn't affect the course if you're not completely wrong. BeN'O>> That's either because I made it night or because the room you played in was too bright. Could be a combination.
Linus (2) Sweden dnf  
Karl D (2) Sweden OL-Teamet dnf  
Bullen (2) Sweden Suraarmaravtegel dnf  
LarZsa (2) Sweden Hestra IF dnf  
andy (2) Sweden Linköpings OK dnf  
SawViking (2) Norway Il Tyrving dnf  
tnipen (2) Canada Greater Vancouver OC dnf  
Chrizzik (2) Austria OK Klosterneuburg dnf  
SlowMo (2) Sweden Jÿrla if ok dnf  
Terkelsen (2) Finland LS-37 dnf  
Anton Karlsson (2) Sweden OK Kullingshof dnf  
Linus (3) Sweden dnf  
Grogdog (3) Canada EOOC dnf  
Skrutten (3) Sweden Ok vilse dnf  
Terkelsen (3) Finland LS-37 dnf  
Linus (4) Sweden dnf  
Linus (5) Sweden dnf