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Open:08:00 Dec 25 2008
Close:08:00 Jan 01 2009
Created by:lorrieq
Description:should be fun. pls leave commements
Avg Rating:2.8 / 5.0 (8 votes)


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1. sundlof Sweden Gävle OK 50:53  *****
this was a bad course, pretty fun anyway just exclude the stupid controlls and its really fun, 5* to uprate it a bit
2. Alri Sweden OK Linné 53:57  
1 very stupid control
3. Julien_ France COTS 54:07  *****
Good to be random, good to be steep. But a very stupid control!
4. TC Sweden Malungs OK Skogsmårdarna 54:50  
5. MuHbl4 Russian Federation OMC - Orienta Moscow Compass 54:57  
6. Sami Norway Freidig 57:30  *****
Way too steep. 5th and 10th were really silly. The hill is so steep you have to swim around it...
7. Jonatan Estonia OK Võru 58:16  
8. smed (2) Kenya . 58:50  
9. Leizer Sweden Tolered-Utby OL 60:06  
10. hamilton Sweden OK Linné 63:16  
This was too steep..
11. Luis M Santos Portugal CPOC 63:21  
12. Charly Boichut France 64:14  
13. *F@TsO* Russian Federation Rostov-on-Don 66:44  
14. Michael Granqvist Sweden OK Ravinen 67:12  
15. pedero Norway Nord-Østerdal OK 67:19  
16. thiago Brazil Fuzileiros Navais 67:22  
17. Krasimir Bulgaria Trapezica 69:14  
18. samus Croatia hoka hei 69:48  *****
the 10th control was simply stupid...
19. Karl D Sweden OL-Teamet 69:50  
20. teddy (2) Norway KLS 70:16  
21. PHJ65 Finland SuSe 70:31  
22. MagnusH Sweden Frölunda OL 71:33  *****
I've run two of your contest, and both were extremely bad, but in different ways. Surprise me with a third...
23. Bullen Sweden Suraarmaravtegel 71:34  *****
Feel great for steeps after this.
24. Ben Sand France viking 73:49  
25. Mille Sweden OK Roxen 78:08  
26. Kyle Scotland Leksands OK 79:26  
27. grigoras sorin Romania Cronos Barlad 82:04  
28. Ben Sand (2) France viking 83:51  
29. tio Pepe Sweden Kalmar 84:41  
30. engstrom Sweden OK Orion 86:34  
31. Carl Boman Sweden Västerås SOK 87:23  
32. koala Brazil Fuzileiros Navais 87:29  
33. Acke Granbarr Sweden OLGY Slayers 87:54  
34. PeJi Sweden Orion 94:31  
35. Andreas Sundström Sweden Västerås SOK 96:45  
samppoo Finland SK Teurastajat dnf  
Begga Sweden OK Denseln dnf  
sindrestoten Norway indre ostfold OK dnf  
anderfo Norway NTNUI dnf  *****
when swimming around is faster than running, it's too steep...
Morten Schou Denmark OK Snab dnf  
Rixel Isle of Man L0ng Runn3r$ dnf  
jeb France VSO dnf  
Axwell Sweden O^2 dnf  
gvtoukc France TSN dnf  
please just do it faster.
rogga Sweden polisens if dnf  
--- Suriname --- dnf  
Alexander Chepelin Scotland Gramp dnf  
stampfo Italy brauch i ned dnf  
IegorI Russian Federation forpost dnf  
sone Sweden Näset dnf  
Gosha18 France VHSO dnf  
Nissen2 Norway Løten OL dnf  
olive France esat dnf  
rista Croatia ekipa dnf  
That is simply boring, way too slow
Ethan Childs United States GMOC dnf  
Ludo France Brest'O dnf  
stk Norway SPK_Freidig dnf  
Albatros Belarus O'Belarus dnf  
teddy Norway KLS dnf  
FETO Brazil KAAPORA dnf  
mistac Croatia zg dnf  
Henrik Sjögren Sweden Haninge SOK dnf  
lorrieq (2) Ireland UCDO Honeybadgers dnf  *****
sorry didnt think it was this steep
Michael Granqvist (2) Sweden OK Ravinen dnf  
Andreas Sundström (2) Sweden Västerås SOK dnf  
stk (2) Norway SPK_Freidig dnf  
andy (2) Sweden Linköpings OK dnf  
Peep O. (2) Estonia LSF PT dnf  
lorrieq (3) Ireland UCDO Honeybadgers dnf