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(RND) Hard and long (and dark..)

Open:05:00 Jan 01 2012
Close:05:00 Jan 09 2012
Map:/rnd-0k6s16o16o1b91729twj09azva2sb3qbrrfbb4go/events/Central Lechmereland/day1/long and hard.course
Created by:Håkon RB
Description:This should be a challenge! A steep random with many long legs, and at night. Sorry about the ground cover in the water, doesn`t look nice, but after all it doesn`t affect your race. Good luck! :D PS: If you don`t like randoms at all, don`t run this one!
Avg Rating:2.0 / 5.0 (11 votes)


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1. Steken Sweden IF Rigor 326:18  
2. Akva Ukraine Odessa 334:34  *****
3. Boris Isaikin Russian Federation DINAMO 407:18  
jeb France VSO dnf  *****
Erik M Sweden Ok Nolaskogsarna dnf  
bigluc Italy Polisportiva Masi dnf  *****
This is a shitty race!! Fuck
PHJ65 Finland SuSe dnf  
got stucked
engstrom Sweden OK Orion dnf  
Ben Sand France viking dnf  
Karl D Sweden OL-Teamet dnf  
Daynee Sweden Nyköpings OK dnf  
stuck in the wall, maybe a testrun before you upload
Krasimir Bulgaria Trapezica dnf  
Victor Bergstrand Sweden Motala AIF OL dnf  
Grangren Jamaica NTNUI dnf  
I actually like this, but not too much of it. 30-40 minutes had been enough.
stampfo Italy brauch i ned dnf  *****
stuck in wall!!!!!!!
color Switzerland converter dnf  
tio Pepe Sweden Kalmar dnf  
lorrieq Ireland UCDO Honeybadgers dnf  
Haha! I enjoyed while I ran. But I wasn't running well enough :D It is a little too steep for the course, nobody wants to play this long. We have other things to do. Will be amazed if someone finishes, not because its too hard, but because they bothered to go through the really slow bits :P
Baumann Edouard Switzerland OLC SKOG Freiburg dnf  *****
got stucked :-(
-=MoGiLaN=- Belarus O'Belarus dnf  *****
Micha182 Italy OrTarzo dnf  
Captain Quark New Zealand Red Kiwis dnf  
Linus Sweden dnf  *****
janands Norway Team Pez And Snapple dnf  *****
Not only WAY too steep, but managed to hit a wall aswell...not good.
jonnyq Ireland UCDO Honeybadgers dnf  *****
theres no point doing this. a shit map and a shit course. its too steep for the cf guy to run on.
MOR Brazil PAM-BR dnf  
LPasturiza Brazil COSaM dnf  
Forzza Sweden Motala aif ol dnf  
mogd001 New Zealand OK Linné dnf  
got stuck
OscaJ Sweden OLGY Slayers dnf  
jean France VSO dnf  
Didde Sweden OK Kåre dnf  
Antonio Horta Portugal Gafanhori dnf  
Eliasson Sweden GMOK dnf  
mr.Apo Finland Vehkalahden Veikot dnf  
Hedis Sweden GMOK dnf  
schwachknoechler Austria NFS dnf  
Dewett Denmark OK SNAB dnf  
Ali Sweden OLGY Slayers dnf  *****
get stucked in a f#cking WALL?
Karl Vervoort Belgium Trol dnf  
vschetchikov Russian Federation legenda dnf  
Kirill94 Russian Federation OMC - Orienta Moscow Compass dnf  
Jose Plasencia Spain COSU dnf  
Jonas K Sweden Snättringe SK dnf  
Oskar Leinonen Sweden Karpen Suunnistajat dnf  *****
Adair MS Brazil CODD dnf  
DBS Albii CARICOM DödenBakomStyret dnf  
Folle Turkey Achmet OK dnf  
roberto.ortiz Chile cotem dnf  
JWennermark China OL-Teamet dnf  
fedevenice Italy OrTarzo dnf  
Empa Sweden Freluga Farmers dnf