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Poland mkubisiak

Club:Pogon Siedlce
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Recent Races

Race Title Rerun # Time Place
[RCup] E3 - Long Distance dnf  
Vezzano Naran dnf  
[OCAD]Laghi di Lamar Middle3 dnf  
[OCAD]Laghi di Lamar, Middle dnf  
(OCAD) Himmelbjerget Long 2 dnf  
(OCAD) Himmelbjerget Long 1 dnf  
(OCAD) Himmelbjerget Middle dnf  
[OCAD] Portu Fun x150 24:48113 / 148  
[OCAD] Meymac, Sprint dnf  
Herrestadsfjället 3-days Middle dnf  
[OCAD]Karpheda, Long dnf  
[OCAD] Laantinkulma dnf  
[OCAD] Tahkovaara, middle dnf  
Arco dnf  
[OCAD] Rönnberget dnf  
One Leg Wonder Montefallonio2dnf  
°Hygrobates dnf  
°Limnesia dnf  
°Lebertia dnf  
[SpringCup] E5 - Sprint 54:44178 / 272  
[SpringCup] E4 - Middle dnf  
[OCAD] Lunsen by NIGHT dnf  
[RndTemp] Series #3 Middle dnf  
[OCAD] Short Long2dnf  
Middle 142dnf  
Middle 122dnf  
[OCAD] Vuelta Alicante - E10 dnf  
[OCAD] Idre Fjäll, E1 dnf  
[OCAD] Idre fjäll, Intro2dnf  
(OCAD) Laghi de lama - Test2dnf  
[CC2012] Altipiani di Arcinazzo dnf  
[RndTemp] Shortdist dnf  
Middle 82dnf  
°Thioploca dnf  
°ThioThrix dnf  
°Beggiatoa dnf  
°Anirostris dnf  
[OCAD] Vuelta Alicante - E9 dnf  
Middle 72dnf  
Middle 62dnf  
Middle 52dnf  
Middle 42dnf  
Middle 32dnf  
Middle 22dnf  
Middle 12dnf  
WOC2012 (jorat-long)2dnf  
Raven`s Cleavage2dnf  
February Cup 3 of 32dnf  
February Cup 2 of 32dnf  
February Cup 1 of 32dnf  
Teisko sprint 2 dnf  
Teisko Sprint 1 28:36132 / 178  
[OCAD] Vuelta Alicante - E5 105:17118 / 209  
[OCAD] Graddy, Middle 2293:30122 / 170  
[OCAD] Sengas, Ski-O Sprint 22dnf  
°Acroperus dnf  
[OCAD] Vuelta Alicante - E3 dnf  
(OCAD) Italy-tour - E12dnf  
Høiås north stage 1 - Long dnf  
Giro d'Italia - Stage 5 dnf  
Giro d'Italia - Stage 4 dnf  
[OCAD]Gesunda Long dnf  
Giro d'Italia - Stage 2 dnf  
Giro D'Italia - Stage 1 dnf  
[OCAD] Middle Distance 142:56181 / 240  
[OCAD] Long Distance dnf  
[RndTemp] Everetthamb dnf  
[RndTemp] Cambridgeb Night dnf  

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