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Recent Races

Race Title Rerun # Time Place
[OCAD] Moulet-Marcenat, sprint dnf  
Building Sprint I dnf  
[wcup-map#19-reused]-sprint dnf  
[wcup-map#18-reused]-middle dnf  
smallworld_E2 dnf  
cf trfning 2 cool dnf  
[OCAD] Avelengo Hafling, middle dnf  
[ULLA_HAU]Final dnf  
[WRE]Santavaara Middle 75:33135 / 190  
CFEB 13P_1 dnf  
The Square, Track 2 dnf  
[ULLA_HAU]E6,long dnf  
The Square, Track 1 dnf  
Island Sprint232:15138 / 205  
Norwoodbroham Bluff E 12dnf  
EKSJO 12dnf  

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