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Day one, Stora ålsjön

Open:08:00 May 29 2021
Close:08:00 Jun 05 2021
Map:/Stora sjön/events/First day/day1/First competition.course
Created by:Henrik Lundfors
Description:First race in a total of four. The total fastes time overall four races wins. The series takes place on a map in the north of sweden. *Have changed forest type, the tree problem is solved.
Avg Rating:4.3 / 5.0 (21 votes)


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1. Pale Finland Vehkalahden Veikot 37:21  
2. teddy Norway KLS 38:12  
You have improved :)
3. Gäddan Sweden SSOK 38:32  
4. Philochillo Austria OK Oachkatzlschwoaf 38:39  *****
ground high randomness is quite a fun setting. You can export a map picture of the map part (jpg) and use it when you start the covertion.
5. Landli Sweden OLGY Slayers 38:44  
6. ManueldePaz Spain ALCON 38:53  *****
Great, thanks!
7. sas Norway n/a 39:14  *****
Consentration slipped at the end :( Try to make the map picture a bit sharper, i think that is the most important part. Also try to change a bit on the speed settings and try to get a different grount texture and less heigh randomness and you will get there :)
8. Gusten Grodslukare Sweden OLGY Slayers 39:20  
9. Frasco Italy PL O-Maggiore 39:24  
10. Bec France OK karalhainen 39:42  
11. Christ Canada GHO 39:48  
12. John Wick European Union Killers 40:02  *****
13. Alibaba Hassan Kebab Syria OK IS 40:20  
14. Rune DC Belgium Trol 40:39  
15. Carl Josefsson Sweden Sävedalens AIK 40:40  
16. SimonM Sweden Attunda OK 40:42  
17. Tomas Lima Portugal OK Karalhainen 40:53  *****
Ground height randomness too high, ground texture is default, speed is slow, green is too indistinct, contours need some shrinking, control placement... and what to say about those thight angles in the course setting. Still a lot to improve, but keep up with the motivation. Email me if you need some help with that :D
18. Ben Sand France viking 41:06  
19. Joelsu Spain COC 41:09  
20. mikkelh Norway Freidig 41:18  
21. harrymcm United Kingdom DEVON 41:28  
22. BrageT Norway Kristiansand OK 41:35  
23. Bullen Sweden Suraarmaravtegel 41:55  
24. juliano pereira Brazil CODD 42:03  
25. Hannes Nikkinen Finland Hiidenkiertäjät 42:22  *****
26. Erezb64 Britain IVS 43:00  *****
27. Leudimin Spain Peña Guara 43:11  *****
Well, finally no * from me. But watch out for duplicated comps. EDIT: This appears to be the duplicate, so still * from me xD.
28. Johann TINCHANT France Orientation Team Besançon 43:13  
29. Jesper Åkesson Sweden Järfälla OK 43:32  
30. osake Finland LHR 43:38  
31. EdHellsten Sweden Freluga Farmers 43:50  
32. CaracolVeloz Portugal Imperdible 43:54  
33. christian cuelho Uruguay FUO 44:01  *****
34. thomasradondy France OK Karalhainen 44:12  
35. erbo Antarctica Järfälla OK 44:18  
36. jeb France VSO 44:21  
37. Michel Bastin Belgium ARDOC 44:26  *****
38. Krystof Czech Republic OK Bery 44:28  
39. silas Switzerland OL Regio Wil 44:45  
40. andre de veirman Belgium trol 45:30  
41. jpdiasfernandes Portugal OK Karalhainen 45:40  
42. Moritz C Austria Orienteering Klosterneuburg 46:06  
43. Krasimir Bulgaria Trapezica 46:34  
44. Baumann Edouard Switzerland OLC SKOG Freiburg 48:05  *****
45. Billo England WCOC 48:50  
Your conversions are getting better. Fun except for ground hight randomness combined with use of small contour features as control sites. Thanks.
46. ur Germany Berlin 49:45  
47. runde Italy Galilei 50:29  
48. Rodrigo Oliveira Portugal OK Karalhainen 50:43  
49. Hendrik Belgium trol 51:08  
50. JJ Sancosmed Spain FEGADO 51:31  
51. delinselle France TAD 52:16  
52. PaulP Ireland DRONGO 52:37  
53. WN Chung Hong Kong HKOC 52:58  
54. honzau United States SDO 53:15  
55. PHJ65 Finland SuSe 53:22  
56. oligan France VALMO 54:59  
57. Hugo S. Spain TOTANA-O 58:23  
58. Barbara Italy 60:00  
59. willard SGP Singapore SGP 60:58  
60. mxh Australia PO-A 61:16  
61. EddieH United Kingdom Moravian 61:18  *****
That was the nicest competition from you. I just find your contours wishy washy and unidentifiable - I have no idea how a conversion is done, but it was much more interesting. Also you still place controls beside features far too far away sometimes.
62. andersn United States San Diego Orienteering 62:54  
63. tio Pepe Sweden Kalmar 63:03  *****
64. Mallard Scotland Moravian 64:38  *****
65. RL13 Italy A.S.D.O.G. GALILEI 65:18  
67. duncs United States WCOC 75:16  
68. Melania T. Italy G. Galilei 81:59  
69. ToniSer Antarctica GO-Xtreme 84:04  *****
70. Guerrero Alicantino Spain CO Sant Joan 85:58  
71. Yan Han Singapore OFS 93:20  *****
72. michelb France MAR.CO. 97:07  *****
73. jiangguangrui China 116:39  
74. Mgranefelt OK_Tyr OK Tyr 161:17  *****
My little brother set the time on when I ate some Swedish Fika. Min Mor blev glad av presenterna på Morsdag
HV Finland Tampereen Pyrintö dnf  
Trying Sweden dnf  
RiOjA-O Spain RiOjA-O dnf  
Forzza Sweden Motala aif ol dnf  
KODAY Spain IBON dnf  
Roman France VSO dnf  
IvK Sweden Freluga Farmers dnf  
GF Norway ???? dnf  
Lil Boat Sweden Biktorsboys OF dnf  
Aita Spain Limiactiva dnf  
Alexander Lubina Germany Legendary Sweatpack dnf  
JohnT4 Sweden OKH dnf  
det finns regler för banlägning till ex efter att ha tagit en kontroll skall riktningsändringen vara 45 till 90 grader ta kontrollerna 1 till6 i ordninngen 1-4-2-6-5-3 förstår du vad jag menar bindningsstrecket mellan 2 kontroller får inte gå igenom någon annan kontroll
Poulsen Denmark FIF Hillerød dnf  
Elias Schafer Switzerland Olc Omström Sense dnf  
Ikeysol Cyprus WCH dnf  
Honza S Czech Republic TBM dnf  
naitsabes lebotnov Switzerland OLG AARAU-TELLI dnf  
Edvin Forsberg Sweden OK Ravinen dnf  
robi Serbia PSK Pobeda dnf  
Jacopo Austria Wat-Ol dnf  
Jolle Sweden Freluga Farmers dnf  
leopeo Somalia OK Kåre dnf  
SteveM Germany DAV Zittau dnf  
marobe03 Sweden Hästveda OK dnf