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Africa - City Tour

Open:17:00 Apr 05 2021
Close:07:45 Apr 13 2021
Map:/Africa_MRA with animals/events/African Safari/day1/City Tour.course
Created by:Mallard
Description:Tour the 9 major cities in Africa as an easy training warm-up with more courses to come. Water and tagged cliffs are uncrossable. Kids in Dakar are mischievous! Don't get stuck in the sticks. Feedback appreciated.
Avg Rating:3.6 / 5.0 (37 votes)


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1. BrageT Norway Kristiansand OK 25:31  
2. Tapman! Jamaica NTNUI 25:37  
3. Leudimin (2) Spain Peña Guara 25:44  
4. SimonM Sweden Attunda OK 25:56  
5. Carlos Rescalvo Spain Villacarrillo 26:02  *****
6. Christ Canada GHO 26:19  
7. Jolle (2) Sweden Freluga Farmers 26:31  
8. Landli (2) Sweden OLGY Slayers 26:34  
9. lorrieq Ireland UCDO Honeybadgers 26:36  *****
Very cool, a lot of creativity in there. The conversion is great, detailed 3ds, cool animal trees and just a nice overall feel to it. Probably worth adding 2d barriers to the hut walls so people won't get stuck. Also I can see some people got surprised way out in the water by the inconsistent 2d barriers, I would make the whole grey areas uncrossable. Looking forward to a more interesting course.
10. harrymcm United Kingdom DEVON 26:41  
11. Henrik Lundfors (4) Sweden IFK Enskede 26:50  
12. Carl Josefsson Sweden Sävedalens AIK 26:54  
13. f Swaziland 27:17  
14. jean France VSO 27:25  
15. Tomas Lima Portugal OK Karalhainen 27:29  *****
Nice creation! Love the .3ds you've made. Couldn't quite get why the grey areas are not blue in te map if you wanted them to be water. It looked that light green was slower then heavy green. Also, 2D barriers can see some improvement
15. Jesus Rodriguez Corrochano (2) Spain OK Rabonen 27:29  
17. ryosuke (2) Japan Okanoue 27:34  
18. Gäddan (2) Sweden SSOK 27:48  
19. color (2) Switzerland converter 27:50  
20. Pale Finland Vehkalahden Veikot 27:52  
21. Bec (2) France OK karalhainen 28:14  
22. Ben Sand France viking 28:18  *****
23. Tamothy (2) Scotland COC 28:31  
24. Jonesy Great Britain OD 28:32  
25. Hainke Sweden Snättringe sk 28:37  
Nice detail by the goal
26. christian cuelho Uruguay FUO 28:55  *****
27. Loobey New Zealand OHV 29:04  
28. Rune DC Belgium Trol 29:16  
28. Lesior Poland UNTS Warszawa 29:16  *****
I think this map qas quite fun :) Maybe the course too easy because all the time along the coast.
30. Elias Schafer Switzerland Olc Omström Sense 29:59  
31. Erezb64 Britain IVS 30:00  *****
32. Timo Sild Estonia OK Võru 30:05  
33. Coti Spain COMCU 30:22  
34. .Leon. Germany Ski-Club Helsa 30:28  *****
35. Uffe Sweden Leksand 30:37  
36. Henrik Lundfors (2) Sweden IFK Enskede 30:50  
37. oxVovve Norway Centrum OK 30:57  *****
38. jantelov Finland Espoon Suunta 30:58  
39. Peter Ebster sen. Austria ASKÖ Henndorf Orienteering 31:18  
40. Bullen Sweden Suraarmaravtegel 31:21  
41. andre de veirman Belgium trol 31:23  
42. Louison France TOAC 31:37  
42. naitsabes lebotnov Switzerland OLG AARAU-TELLI 31:37  
44. ManueldePaz Spain ALCON 31:41  
45. PHJ65 Finland SuSe 31:42  
46. silas Switzerland OL Regio Wil 32:04  
47. Ikeysol (3) Cyprus WCH 32:11  
48. Gusten Grodslukare Sweden OLGY Slayers 32:13  
49. jeb France VSO 32:21  
50. tio Pepe Sweden Kalmar 32:22  
51. Alibaba Hassan Kebab Syria OK IS 32:37  *****
It was ok, not very tricky course. Maybe increase speed?
52. Joseph Knee (2) United States 32:55  *****
53. PaulP Ireland DRONGO 32:56  
54. Billo England WCOC 33:09  *****
Interesting and different!
55. engstrom Sweden OK Orion 33:14  
56. andersn United States San Diego Orienteering 33:31  *****
57. fernigac (2) Spain colmenar 33:32  *****
58. RL13 (3) Italy A.S.D.O.G. GALILEI 33:42  
59. Alexander Lubina Germany Legendary Sweatpack 33:45  
60. robert.h Samoa TuS 34:24  
61. delinselle France TAD 35:41  
62. RyanE Britain South Yorkshire Orienteers 35:47  
63. erbo Antarctica Järfälla OK 35:57  
64. Cyril Joly France L.O.Sanchey 36:07  
got stuck several time
65. ur (3) Germany Berlin 36:19  
funny map but no fun to run
66. Michel Bastin Belgium ARDOC 36:43  *****
67. CaracolVeloz Portugal Imperdible 37:34  
68. VICCIV666 (4) China BUAA 37:53  
69. RiOjA-O Spain RiOjA-O 38:01  *****
70. WN Chung Hong Kong HKOC 38:05  
71. Pol New Caledonia COV 38:57  
72. Baumann Edouard Switzerland OLC SKOG Freiburg 39:52  *****
73. oligan France VALMO 39:53  
74. RL13 Italy A.S.D.O.G. GALILEI 40:15  *****
ahahahahah, evergreen ship at the finish was really fun! Great graphics, course could be better
75. Krasimir Bulgaria Trapezica 41:17  
76. Liz P United Kingdom OD 41:49  
77. Fiona Hendrie (2) United Kingdom FVO 42:42  
78. Hendrik (2) Belgium trol 43:00  
79. EdHellsten Sweden Freluga Farmers 43:09  *****
80. MChub (2) Ukraine Ottawa OC 43:18  
81. Sandra United Kingdom SMOC 43:40  *****
82. OrjanC Sweden OK Skogsfalken 43:56  
83. SteveM (2) Germany DAV Zittau 44:24  *****
84. abdelrahman ismail Egypt EGY 44:53  
85. imbour (4) Vietnam puol 45:11  
86. Jonas Lange Germany ihw alex 45:30  
87. IanHendrie Scotland FVO 46:33  
88. michelb France MAR.CO. 49:11  *****
89. Alexcob (2) Andorra COB 49:18  *****
90. EddieH (2) United Kingdom Moravian 49:25  *****
The animals were fun, but my first attempt I got immovably stuck in a building befre the 1st control. Then you never told us that waterways were uncrossable. They weren't mapped as such.
91. Nia_Onoufrieva Bulgaria Variant 5 50:34  
92. willard SGP (2) Singapore SGP 52:33  
93. Joseba B (2) Spain COBi 53:34  
94. ToniSer (2) Antarctica GO-Xtreme 56:16  *****
95. SaltandoSebes Spain AsturExtrem 68:33  *****
96. Elroy Portugal 94:39  
Jesper Åkesson Sweden Järfälla OK dnf  
IIKO PUUCKA Finland Tampeeren Pyrintö dnf  
Jolle Sweden Freluga Farmers dnf  
teddy Norway KLS dnf  *****
got stuck in a house to the finish :/ Some pretty weird shit towards 5, look at my route. Think you can change speedsettings for half-open areas to the same as open areas. Also edit the bridge-symbol in the mappic, didnt understand it at first. But nice idea and a good conversion of it overall @Mallard; okey i see now, didnt think of grey bare rock areas as ocean..
Henrik Lundfors Sweden IFK Enskede dnf  *****
Got stuck in a cabin
Lil Boat Sweden Biktorsboys OF dnf  *****
Leudimin Spain Peña Guara dnf  *****
Got stuck :(. I took me a while to realise the shape of this map. Keep this up.
Grangren Jamaica NTNUI dnf  
HansU Norway BUL Tromsø dnf  
Meis Finland Lappeen Riento dnf  
SteveM Germany DAV Zittau dnf  *****
bug in a house :-( cannot leave it
color Switzerland converter dnf  
Moritz C Austria Orienteering Klosterneuburg dnf  
Jacopo Austria Wat-Ol dnf  
John Wick European Union Killers dnf  *****
Comment for ispiration of Mallard. Good Job!
georgG Austria OK Oachkatzlschwoaf dnf  
Ikeysol Cyprus WCH dnf  
Johann TINCHANT France Orientation Team Besançon dnf  
Roman France VSO dnf  
i'm ok w/ teddy. And + Try to make the map more intersting ?
OskarEdvardsson Sweden Järfälla OK dnf  
Fiona Hendrie United Kingdom FVO dnf  
Poulsen Denmark FIF Hillerød dnf  
EddieH United Kingdom Moravian dnf  
Frasco Italy PL O-Maggiore dnf  
Acke Granbarr Sweden OLGY Slayers dnf  
Honza S Czech Republic TBM dnf  
HV Finland Tampereen Pyrintö dnf  
Landli Sweden OLGY Slayers dnf  
Thomaseth Martin Italy S.C.Meran dnf  
honzau United States SDO dnf  
Gustav Johnsson Sweden IFK Mora dnf  
dziobson_runner Poland Paulinum Jelenia Góra dnf  *****
NNNN Norway dnf  
mikkelh Norway Freidig dnf  
Coolboi Sweden Sävedalens AIK dnf  
Joelsu Spain COC dnf  
Daynee Sweden Nyköpings OK dnf  
Joseba B Spain COBi dnf  
Cube Austria OK Oachkatzlschwoaf dnf  *****
silvia di stefano Italy besanese dnf  
Pingle Norway Nordre Follo OL dnf  
Hugo Cedervall Virgin Islands Örkelljunga FK dnf  
wojto Poland dnf  
Viktorgu Sweden Biktorsboys OF dnf  
Antonio COMA Spain COMA dnf  *****
Gäddan Sweden SSOK dnf  
mansen Sweden GMOK dnf  
gvtoukc France TSN dnf  
Fun until I was stuck.
Donkenboy Sweden Biktorsboys OF dnf  
Hendrik Belgium trol dnf  
JohnT4 Sweden OKH dnf  *****
never have a leg go through an object you can cross
Auzzz Sweden OLGY Slayers dnf  
rogerc446 United Kingdom TVOC dnf  
jpdiasfernandes Portugal OK Karalhainen dnf  
juliano pereira Brazil CODD dnf  
seb shafka Czech Republic OK Kamenice dnf  
jbaudson France VALMO dnf  *****
Stuck in the first house...
Frik8th Russian Federation Moscow dnf  
Mallard (2) Scotland Moravian dnf  
I want to give you better maps and need feedback to achieve this aim. Allocating one or two stars without leaving a comment doesn't help me reach my goal. Email me if you prefer:
Bullen (2) Sweden Suraarmaravtegel dnf  
BrageT (2) Norway Kristiansand OK dnf  
Johann TINCHANT (2) France Orientation Team Besançon dnf  
Ikeysol (2) Cyprus WCH dnf  
silvia di stefano (2) Italy besanese dnf  
Pol (2) New Caledonia COV dnf  
Jonas Lange (2) Germany ihw alex dnf  
Grangren (2) Jamaica NTNUI dnf  
jbaudson (2) France VALMO dnf  
RL13 (2) Italy A.S.D.O.G. GALILEI dnf  
ur (2) Germany Berlin dnf  
trapped by cannibals
SERG (2) Russian Federation dnf  
Karlis (2) Latvia Kapa OK dnf  
Kim Jon Un (2) Korea, North dnf  
thomasradondy (2) France OK Karalhainen dnf  
Victor (2) France LOV dnf  
RiOjA-O (2) Spain RiOjA-O dnf  
Kirsten (2) Scotland OD dnf  
Rodrigo Oliveira (2) Portugal OK Karalhainen dnf  
Nao gostei, fiquei preso no suriname
Peter Ebster sen. (2) Austria ASKÖ Henndorf Orienteering dnf  
imbour (2) Vietnam puol dnf  
VICCIV666 (2) China BUAA dnf  
Henrik Lundfors (3) Sweden IFK Enskede dnf  
Mallard (3) Scotland Moravian dnf  
Teddy, thanks for comments. Water (sea and rivers) is uncrossable. You were lucky to find a way around the barriers, they should have prevented you from 'cheating'. Bridge symbol (512) is what Mapper gave me; sorry if it confused. Bad luck getting stuck in the stick hut.
BrageT (3) Norway Kristiansand OK dnf  
Johann TINCHANT (3) France Orientation Team Besançon dnf  
Jolle (3) Sweden Freluga Farmers dnf  
imbour (3) Vietnam puol dnf  
VICCIV666 (3) China BUAA dnf